Praise for Heather Heyford's Books



”Intoxicating! Once again Heather Heyford has done it! Another book I could not put down. I love her characters and feel as if I am leaving friends when I close the book. Poppy and Heath! What a great and heartwarming story. The return of folks from her previous great book, The Crush, made it all the more fun and fascinating.”

”Congratulations Heather!! Just wonderful. Thank you for the fun escape!!Sexy and Sweet! This book was just like a delicious glass of wine and after reading, all I can say is “Can I Have Another?!”

Praise for THE CRUSH

“ a heartwarming romance with lots of spark and great chemistry.” RT Book Reviews

“Great reading could not put it down!!”

“made me feel like the heroine tied to the railroad track . . . read this story!”

“a woman that lost everything except the love of a winery . . . [a man] that has this ego the size of Texas but deep down all he wants is his family.”

“about family loyalties . . . trust . . . finding oneself . . . about dreams that sometimes change for the better and about finding that someone who “gets you” and appreciates you for who and what you are. I am glad I have a new author in my list of favorites.”

“this story of longing and passion set in the wine country is beautifully told and rendered with a writer’s eye for detail.”

“A robust story that blends spice, sass and lots of pizzazz . . . “

“a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters . . . a great read and full of surprises. I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author.”