First Comes Love

 Book 2 of A Willamette Valley Romance

After detective Alex Walker’s last case in Portland is skewered by tough-as-nails attorney Kerry O'Hearn, he decides to finish out his career on a quiet note in the Willamette Valley. Dedicated to his job and committed to his family, he’s fine letting his brusque exterior keep even the thought of a relationship at bay—especially once he realizes his new hometown is the old hometown of the attorney who ruined his last case . . .

Kerry is just as wary as Alex, thanks to her disastrous first marriage. She thinks her little family is just fine. But she isn’t fooled by Alex’s tough-guy image. When he asks for her assistance in gaining custody of two little boys from an abusive foster home, she sees what he desperately tries to hide: a giant-sized heart.

Between them they have five kids and a whole barrel of bad experience. And yet, Kerry can’t shake the feeling that she and the crusty cop were meant to be . . .



”sweet, engaging, and heartfelt. There is a huge theme on family...Patience, love, and friendship. I was hooked. I connected quickly to both the single mom and the police officer. Both have enormous hearts of gold and an unavoidable attraction to each other.” 5 stars

”a lovely romance...I really enjoyed how both of these characters let down their walls and came to find fulfillment together and with the children in their lives. This book was a real keeper.” 5 stars