A Time of Transition . . .


Here's just a partial list: there was a family wedding with house guests, we hosted a party, I had a book event, a relative suffered a cardiac event and was hospitalized. I signed, addressed and mailed out 100 winning copies of First Comes Love for my latest Goodreads giveaway. And yesterday Sophie the cat, my sweet companion of 18 years, passed away. My daughter, Cupcake was still a little girl when we rescued Sophie from a cage at the humane society, and I was still teaching art. As Cupcake grew up and out of the house and I left teaching, learned how to live in an empty nest, and started writing, Sophie rescued ME. Her passing marks the end of an era.

I know life holds more surprises to come. Right now, sitting on my deck I notice the subtle signs of the changing season:  the leaves yellowing ever so slightly, the buzz of locusts and the plaintive cry of a mourning dove. But before moving on, I find myself pausing to reflect. Here's a photo of Hubs and me at the wedding I mentioned earlier. I hope your summer has been filled with good times and loved ones, and you've made great memories.