Sneak Peak: Intoxicating

Heath and Poppy have had each other’s backs since they were seven years old. Poppy always made sure the shy science geek got invited to parties. In return, Heath tutored the dyslexic prom queen all through school. Now Poppy needs Heath’s help to pass her sommelier’s exam. How can he say no—even if passing means she’ll be gone from his life forever?

The Girl Most Likely . . .
to be a waitress at her hometown cafe. That’s what Clarkston’s high school yearbook said about Poppy Springer ten years ago and that’s where the beauty queen is today. But that’s about to change now that Poppy has been offered a position as a lady sommelier at a cutting-edge new restaurant. Only Poppy has an embarrassing secret that could keep her from landing her dream job. A secret her high school crush seems determined to help her with

. . . The Man Most Wanted
In high school, Heath Sinclair may have been voted most likely to blow something up, but these days the sexy science prodigy is a self-made success story with his popular microbrewery and chiseled good looks. So why is Clarkston’s most-eligible man so hell-bent on helping Poppy prove that she is more than her reputation? Could it be the enigmatic bachelor has a hankering for the girl who got away?


“We’ll stay in touch,” said Heath, though deep down he knew they would drift apart. It was inevitable.

“Of course we will,” said Poppy.  “I’ll call you—”

They were both thinking the same thing: Like you promised to call me today and didn’t?

Heath cast aside his last shred of pride. “Think of me.”

“I have to do this,” she choked.

This time, it was really the end. Alone in his dark, cavernous house, Heath scrubbed a hand through his hair. Poppy needed him to believe in her, not add to her self-doubt. What was that saying? If you love someone, let her go.

“I’ll come see you once in a while.”

“Sure you will,” she sniffed. “And I’ll come back and see you, too. A lot. Or at least, as often as I can.”

Heath fisted the phone so hard it was a wonder it didn’t break in two, the way his heart was breaking. “And spend the night?”

“If you think I should.”

Heather Heyford